Social responsibility

    Social responsibility is a top priority at Tebis. It is an integral part of our mission, and something we put into practice every day in our corporate culture. "We are fully committed to the community," says Bernhard Rindfleisch, Chairman of the Board of Tebis AG. Tebis ensures a healthy work/life balance and creates secure jobs for its employees. 

    Tebis is also involved in social and cultural activities and encourages the personal commitment of its employees. Regularly and at least once a year, Tebis supports regional and international social projects.

    Donations rather than gifts

    In the exceptional year of 2020, Tebis is once again taking up the "Donations rather than gifts" holiday campaign.

    This year, we are supporting seven regional projects and one international project with donations instead of sending holiday gifts to customers and partners. We are certain that this will be appreciated by all. The projects we are supporting were selected by Tebis employees at the head office in Martinsried, Germany and at the subsidiaries in Germany.

    Those responsible are in personal contact with the organizations, are independently organizing the necessary measures and are working passionately to implement them.

    "We are extremely grateful for the generous involvement of our employees"

    Bernhard Rindfleisch, Tebis AG Chairman of the Board

    Tebis is supporting the following institutions and projects in its 2020 "Donations rather than gifts" program:

    LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V.

    Since 2003, LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. has been helping seniors whose pensions are insufficient for a life of dignity and participation in society. 

    SOS Children's Villages

    With its donation, Tebis helps support the SOS Children's Villages facility in Benin, West Africa. 

    Hannover Volunteer Center

    This year as well, no child should go away empty-handed. Tebis supports the Hannover Volunteer Center in fulfilling the Christmas wishes of children from troubled city districts

    Agenda 21 – Arbeitskreis Soziales Göppingen

    Tebis has acted as a sponsor for this project for several years, and continues to support "Meals for children" this year by giving money for food.

    AnDOCken – Medical practice for refugees/migrants with no health insurance

    AnDOCken is a medical practice for undocumented people living and working "illegally" in Hamburg. AnDOCken is also a part of the Stiftung MitMenschlichkeit foundation.

    Refugio München

    Refugio is a counseling and treatment center for traumatized refugees and victims of torture and is one of the largest psychosocial treatment centers of its kind in Germany

    Hannöversche Tafel

    We are therefore pleased to be able to support our association's volunteers again this year. With the money to purchase of the new winter jackets, we can give them back a little of what they give every day.

    Verein für krebskranke Kinder Hannover

    The Verein für krebskranke Kinder Hannover for children with Cancer has been helping since 1984 and supports affected families and the pediatric cancer ward at the Hannover Medical School. The pediatric cancer ward at the Hannover Medical School receives visitors every Wednesday and Friday afternoon.