Refugio München

    Tebis supports art therapy for refugee children

    Refugio is a counseling and treatment center for traumatized refugees and victims of torture and is one of the largest psychosocial treatment centers of its kind in Germany. In addition to psychological and social counseling, Refugio offers art therapy groups (in schools) and art workshop groups (in shared accommodations) for refugee children and youths. Refugio Munich will use this year's donation to support a group at the middle school on Schrobenhausener Straße.
    The participants express their traumatic experiences as well as their life in exile through art in the creative groups (painting, music, media, dance or theater). Art therapy creates a safe place where children are allowed to display their fears, conflicts and sadness. For example, they can process and overcome various situations through creative play, painting and working with wood and clay. In the groups, the kids learn recognition and appreciation and gain trust in their own capabilities. These are key skills for subsequent integration into school and society.
    The costs for the art therapy groups at schools must be covered each year by private donations, grants from foundations and fines, as no regular municipal funding or public funding are available. The donation from Tebis will fund an art therapy group at the middle school on Schrobenhausener Straße in Munich in 2021