Tebis AG: A reliable partner for customers, employees and society

    Tebis is a privately-owned company headquartered in Planegg near Munich, Germany, with locations in 17 countries. Our 400 employees around the world support our customers in the automotive, aerospace and industrial industries. For 35 years, Tebis has delivered process efficiency and technological advantages to die, mold, model, machine and aerospace manufacturers worldwide. We do business responsibly and follow clear principles that are entirely in the best interest of our customers.

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    In just a few minutes our image video shows how we optimize our customers' manufacturing processes.
    Our principles

    The Tebis principles combine our vision and our mission. It provides us with orientation, determines our actions and inspires Tebis as a whole. Our principles are the foundation for our corporate culture and form the framework for our strategies, objectives and activities.

    Social responsibility at Tebis

    Social responsibility is a top priority at Tebis. It is an integral part of our mission, and something we put into practice every day in our corporate culture.


    Bernhard Rindfleisch, one of the founders of Tebis, had a vision in 1984: He wanted to make computer-aided NC technology and largely automated manufacturing accessible to small and medium-sized companies.


    Industry insiders and specialists know what counts. Find out for yourself how experts approach current topics in die and mold manufacturing, what Tebis has been developing and how CAD/CAM processes can be improved overall. 



    We're available for you around the globe. You can find us at more than ten locations where optimal manufacturing processes are needed.


    Over 700 guests at the 2019 Tebis Open House

    Software innovations and community discussions were at the forefront

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    The video presents statements from guests and from Tebis employees

    Tebis is closely networked with machine manufacturers, suppliers and software manufacturers. Many institutions use Tebis systems in education and research.

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    Working with Tebis

    Welcome to Tebis, the high-quality global brand for creative engineering. We look forward to working with motivated and dedicated personnel for consulting, software development/sales, implementation (service) and support.

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    Highlights from the 2019 Open House
    Date: 17.05.2019
    This year's Tebis Technology Days took place in early May at our headquarters in Martinsried, Germany, with the theme, "We bring it all together." More than 700 guests from Germany and abroad took this opportunity to learn about trends and topics in the model, mold, die and machine manufacturing industries.
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