Koller Formenbau enjoys the reliable and transparent planning in ProLeiS

    How the MES integrates and optimizes die manufacturing processes from practice

    Companies that want to make reliable statements about deadlines, availability and prices need to have their numbers, data and facts up to date.
    At Koller Formenbau in Oberbürg, Germany, the ProLeiS organization and planning system from Tebis provides convincing results with its high degree of adaptability and transparency and improvements in the process.

    Process Planner Fabian Schmittlein at Koller describes how the MES has integrated and optimized the processes in the company’s die and mold manufacturing practice. See how it enabled Koller Formenbau to achieve a high level of planning reliability and transparency in manufacturing.

    Data from the report:
    • Manufacturing planners can efficiently schedule their valuable machine capacity.
    • They can simulate deadline changes and schedule for the consequences in production.
    • They can use current data to see and document if capacity is still available for taking on contract work, or if it’s advisable to outsource partial orders to subcontractors.
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    For example, Schmittlein can see at a glance the productive and nonproductive machines times and monitor project progress using a traffic light system.
    No matter whether it's a deadline change, a last-minute order or the failure of a machine – with just a few mouse clicks in the MES system, we get an overview and can give the customer a clear answer.
    Fabian Schmittlein, Process planner at Koller Formenbau GmbH
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    "Koller Formenbau enjoys planning reliability and transparency with ProLeiS"
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